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Meet the Creative Minds Behind Saturday AM Comics

by Leo Rydel,

Have you heard of Saturday AM? Saturday AM is a magazine that publishes manga-inspired comics from creators all over the world! They push for diversity in their manga and creators, too! With artists from all backgrounds, Saturday AM aims to make everyone feel like they can be a hero.

Frederick Jones, a lifelong anime fan, moved on from a career as an executive in the video game industry to found Saturday AM with artists around the world. In a series of exclusive interviews with Anime News Network, Jones and Saturday AM's stable of diverse creatives discuss what drew them to the comic industry and what makes their stories unique. Each short video will give you an inside look of each comic and you might just find your next favorite hit, whether its martial arts, sorcerers, super sentai, or something in between.

The first Black Female Shonen Hero: Clock Striker

Meet Cast, the first Black female shonen main character! She dreams of becoming a warrior/engineer in this series, called a Smith. Smiths are usually not women, nor young Black kids. Cast is selected as a Striker (apprentice) under a female Smith, Philomena Clock. The series is helmed by Jones himself with art by Rekse.

Apple Black: Bringing African Culture to Manga Fans

Long ago, humans stumbled upon fruits called “Black,” which turned them into sorcerers. A young sorcerer trained and raised in isolation, Sano, is chosen to be the world's savior called the “Trinity.” He is released onto the Eden continent and must battle his way through treachery, betrayal, and evil with his new friends.

We sat down with artist Whyt Manga to talk about his series on Saturday AM, Apple Black and what it means to be a comic artist from Nigeria.

When InuYasha Meets The Legend of Korra: You Get Saigami

Ayumi Hanasaki struggles to find her place in the world, but one day she receives a mysterious letter and her entire life changes. Ayumi finds herself in a new world and joins a journey with two adventure seeking young men. The longer she spends in the new world, the bigger the question becomes: who is she and where does she belong?

Andrea Doney is helming this series and about to debut a brand-new comic titled Killshot in the Saturday AM family of magazines.

Mystery, Drama, and SUPER SENTAI! Check Out Henshin!

When mystery, teen drama, and super sentai meet they create HENSHIN! The series focuses on young protagonists Alex and Rosalia who are thrown into a world of super sentai heroes, monsters, and powers! The group investigates what blew up their city ten years ago.

We sat down with artist Mitch Proctor to talk about his series in the new LGBTQ- and female-friendly comic anthology Saturday BRUNCH!

Half-Black Half-Korean Brothers Get Into the Ring in Underground

Hidden from public sight in New York City, fighters test their skills to become champions of underground MMA. Karim Yun looks to prove that his taekwando can defeat even the greatest fighters, however as his notoriety grows danger to his family becomes imminent. The only way for him to save those closest to him is to compete in the most deadly underground competition, “The Battle of Monsters.”

We sat down with comic artist Jr De Bard to talk about his series Underground and how sports and tradition collide in the world of martial arts between two half-Black half-Korean brothers.

Rashad Millhouse Helms Avengers-style Action in Saturday Wars

We sat down with comic artist Rashad Millhouse about his series Outland and the epic Avengers-style crossover Saturday Wars!

Found a new favorite? Check out Saturday AM here and Saturday PM here and read their comics here!

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