Anime Spotlight: The Prince of Tennis II

by Justin Sevakis,

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The Prince of Tennis II

Premieres January 4, 2012 in Japan


This training camp won't be that simple.


The competition is fierce for the middle schoolers in the National Tennis Competition. 50 representatives are chosen from them, and this time they'll challenge high schoolers!!

This time the stage is U-17 (Under 17), a training camp that gathers Japan's middle school representatives together to raise them into top tennis players. Led by the winners of the national competition, Seishun Gakuen, Hyotei, Rikkai, and Shitenhoji, gathered together. With all of their rivals from the national tournament, fighting spirits are high as they set out to face each other again.

At first these middle schoolers show no difficulty in facing the high schoolers. But this training camp won't be that simple.

Before them stood athletes better than any they had ever faced before, together with a mysterious coach. Will the middle schoolers be able to survive as they're driven to the edge by rigorous trials in this training camp where ability means everything?

A new chapter of "Prince of Tennis" starts here! Let the curtain rise on a new stage.


Ryoma Echizen [Freshman]
VA: Junko Minagawa
A talented young tennis player who has won America's Jr. Tournament four times in a row. His outstanding tennis sense and overwhelming technique allow him to face the strongest of enemies no matter what the adversity.
Kunimitsu Tezuka [Senior]
VA: Ryotaro Okiayu
Captain of the tennis club. There is no one who does not know his name in the world of middle school tennis. He leads the club with his precise skill as an athlete and rational actions.
Syuichiroh Oishi [Senior]
VA: Takayuki Kondo
Vice-captain of the tennis club. He compliments their captain's cool attitude with his friendly personality. He and Kikumaru form a perfect doubles team that no other comes close.
Syusuke Fuji [Senior]
VA: Yuki Kaida
He is a genius who hides a ferocity beneath his elegant smile. He wields prominent skill, and his return techniques are both intense and beautiful.
Sadaharu Inui [Senior]
VA: Kenjiro Tsuda
He is the greatest collection of information in the tennis club. He carries out the philosophy that data is most important.
Eiji Kikumaru [Senior]
VA: Hiroki Takahashi
He's able to freely move around the court, and his acrobatic play is his specialty as a perceptive tennis player.
Takashi Kawamura [Senior]
VA: Naru Kawamoto
He's usually gentle and calm, but the moment he takes racket in hand, his personality enters combat mode. His power play pressures his opponents to the end.
Takeshi Momoshiro [Sophomore]
VA: Masaya Onosaka
His super-shot, a powerful blow sent with his elastic, but tenacious body like a spring, earned him a regular spot on the team. He and his fellow sophomore Kaido often feud as rivals, but he's also looks after those younger than him.
Kaoru Kaidoh [Sophomore]
VA: Kouhei Kiyasu
He wields "Snake", a return shot that drives the ball in such a sharp angle it drains his opponent. He's a hard worker who trains eagerly for the sake of winning. He also shares a rivalry with Momoshiro.


Ryoma Echizen
Junko Minagawa
Kunimitsu Tezuka
Ryotaro Okiayu
Keigo Atobe
Junichi Suwabe
Seiichi Yukimura
Sachiko Nagai
Eishiroh Kite
Tarusuke Shingaki
Kuranosuke Shiraishi
Yoshimasa Hosoya
Kazuya Tokugawa
Daisuke Ono
Kanata Irie
Hiroki Aiba
Jujiroh Oni
Daichi Endo
Yukio Kurobe
Kaiji Soze
Itaru Saitoh
Mitsuru Miyamoto
Ryuji Tsuge
Kenichiro Matsuda


Original Work
Takeshi Konomi
(Shueisha "Jump SQ" Publishing)
Hideyo Yamamoto
Series Composition
Mitsutaka Hirota
Character Design
Akeharu Ishii
Sound Director
Takuya Hiramitsu
Cher Watanabe
Animation Production
Production I.G & M.S.C
Prince of Tennis II Project

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