Anime Spotlight: PHI-BRAIN Puzzle of God

by Justin Sevakis,


"There isn't any puzzle I can't solve!"


One day, Kaito Daimon, a high school boy who loves puzzles, and his childhood friend, Nonoha, decide to challenge the "unsolvable puzzle" hidden in the underground ruins near their school. This is the "Philosopher's Puzzle," a life-threatening game created by the mysterious think-tank known as "POG." By obtaining what lay sealed within that puzzle, Kaito is chosen as a candidate to become a Phi-Brain (one who posses a "golden ratio brain"). Now, as a Solver (puzzle solver) he and his highly unique companions find themselves wrapped up in POG's Puzzle Battles surrounding the Philosopher's Puzzle.


Kaito Daimon
VA: Shintarō Asanuma
Protagonist, age 16. After returning from England, he transferred to Root Academy as a first year in the high school division. After solving the Philosopher's Puzzle he receives the title of "Einstein". As one who loves to solve puzzles more than anything else, he is a natural-born Solver. The harder the puzzle he faces, the more concentration, intuition, and insight he is able to employ. He also possesses the sensitivity to perceive the puzzle creator's intentions. He's not fond of Negi and the sweets that Nonoha makes.
Gammon Sakanoue
VA: Jun Fukuyama
Age 16. The rival Solver who appears before Kaito. He holds the title of "Galileo" and his ability to face puzzles matches that of Kaito. He claims, "my brain makes me money," and often acts self-righteous and grandstanding. However, underneath that outlaw facade, might he actually have a tender heart...!?
Rook Banjo Crossfield
VA: Takahiro Sakurai
One of POG's central Givers. He's a talented boy who was placed in charge of POG Japan in his teens, but early life is a complete mystery. He holds a particular fascination with Kaito, and there seems to be some reason behind why he continuously throws Puzzle Battles against him.
Nonoha Itou
VA: Kaori Shimizu
Age 15. Kaito's childhood friend, and a bright classmate of his at Root Academy. She's a bit tomboyish, and when it comes to Kaito her hand can often move before her mouth does. She's a great athlete and her memory is outstanding, but she's completely stumped when it comes to puzzles. Her hobby is making sweets.


Daimon Kaito
Shintarō Asanuma
Sakanoue Gammon
Jun Fukuyama
Rook Banjo Crossfield
Takahiro Sakurai
Nonoha Itou
Kaori Shimizu


Original Story
Hajime Yatate
Junichi Sato
Series Composition
Mayori Sekijima
Animation Production
NHK Enterprise
Production & Writing

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