Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs 3DS Game Planned

posted on 2010-09-07 19:00 EDT by Gia Manry
German company to adapt Americanized 1984 TV anime into portable game

Leipzig, Germany-based Firehazard Studio has announced its plans to make a new game based on the 1987 TV series Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs, which was itself a reworking of the 1984 Studio Pierrot TV anime Star Musketeer Bismarck. Firehazard is making the game for the Nintendo 3DS portable console and currently plans to release it in the third quarter of 2011.

In the press release, Firehazard's Managing Director Chris Strauß said that he has wanted to make a Saber Rider game since childhood, and that the company's employees have been in love with the series for years, "along with millions of other fans." An official website for the game has already been launched.

Both the Japanese and American versions of the series are set in a future where humans have colonized planets throughout the galaxy but are in constant conflict with beings called the Outriders in English or the Deathcula in Japanese. The beings wield superior technology against humanity — until a protype known as the Ramrod, which can transform from spaceship into robot, is built. In the Japanese version, the main character is pilot Shinji Hikari. In the American version, the Scottish character Richard Lancelot is renamed Saber Rider and made the protagonist, with Shinji renamed Fireball. In 2008, World Events Productions and VCI Entertainment announced that the American Saber Rider series would be released on DVD.

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