Fan Knits Chi's Sweet Home Plush Doll

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Photos of popular anime/manga kitten's plush posted

Steph Laberis, a concept artist for the Facebook game developer Booyah! Games, posted photos of a hand-made plush depiction of Chi, the kitten protagonist of Kanata Konami's Chi's Sweet Home manga and its anime adaptation, last week. Laberis made the plush by a process called needle felting, in which wool is manipulated and interlocked using a special type of needle.

In the manga and anime, Chi is separated from her mother and littermates and adopted by a human family. The family must hide Chi because they are not permitted to own pets in their apartment building. In Japan, Kodansha publishes the manga in its seinen magazine Weekly Morning; Vertical has been publishing the series in North America since it acquired the license in 2009. The series has been adapted into two anime seasons, one of which is available streaming on Crunchyroll.

Several plush Chi dolls have been released in Japan and can be imported into other countries; there has been no official plush release in North America.

Image © Steph Laberis, reprinted with permission

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Update: Corrected knitting process. Thanks, ladykibble.

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