Madoka Magica's Kyubey Face Marshmallows Sold

posted on by Egan Loo
Blurb reads "Eat me, and you too will become a magical girl!"

This week, a dōjin circle named Akamiso began selling QB Marshmallows — soft candies printed with the face of the polarizing character Kyubey from the Puella Magi Madoka Magica magical girl anime. A clear plastic pack of three goes for 630 yen (about US$7.80) and must be eaten within 90 days. As the Akiba Blog notes, the QB Marshmallows are "probably not official." The blurb for the marshmallows on the D-Stage dōjin retail site reads:

It's what makes me special!
I'm made of white marshmallow!
Eat me, and you too will become a magical girl!

I have an expiration date, so eat me fast if you want to be a magical girl…

Since the QB Marshmallows went on sale, various blogs such as Akiba Blog, Moeyo, and Itsuka Baito o Yamete Yaru!! have documented what would happen if you squish, bite, freeze, burn, fry, and dunk them in boiling hot coffee.

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Image © Magica Quartet/Aniplex, Madoka Partners, MBS

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