Western Tottori Plans Bishōjo Game to Boost Local Area

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Free version of high school history club game available at next year's Comic Market

A production team in western Tottori Prefecture's Yonago City has begun work on the tentatively titled Tashikani Kimi wa Koko ni Ita (Surely You Were Here) bishōjo game to promote the area. Slated for completion before next November's International Manga Summit Tottori Convention, the adventure game will highlight aspects of western Tottori Prefecture's culture such as the town of Hōki's oni (Japanese ogre or demon) legends and the origin of Yonago's name.

The story follows a boy who, due to family circumstances, transfers into high school in Yonago. He joins the school's Yuisho Kyūrei Kenkyūbu (History Tradition Research Club) group that studies the local area's history, traditions, and customs. While learning more about the Yonago and the surrounding cities, the boy develops close relationships with the club's five female members.

Toshihiko Hayashi and a group of about ten people from Yonago City's Niitengo design company are creating the game. Players will have conversations with the high school club's female members and make choices that alter the course of the story. Tashikani Kimi wa Koko ni Ita will include full voice acting, and the producers estimate it will take about five hours to play through the game once.

The production team will debut a free version of the game in Tokyo next year at Comic Market. Another version of the game will require payment. Hayashi stated that much of the game is already completed but the team is still working on the script and background art. Hayashi's group will put out an open casting call for local talent to audition for roles in the game.

Source: Nihonkai Shimbun

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