World's 1st 1-Person Karaoke Box Opens in Tokyo

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Karaoke for solo singers follows in footsteps of 1-person yakiniku shop

The world's first one-person karaoke box will open in Kanda, Tokyo on Friday. The shop is designed for single guests to enter their own "pit" rooms and sing karaoke music alone with a headset and microphone. To help contain sound in the two-square-meter rooms, this karaoke box will not include speakers like typical karaoke chains in Japan.

Traditional Japanese karaoke boxes cater to groups and allow them to sit in larger rooms while singing, drinking, and eating together for a rented time period.

This solo karaoke box follows in the footsteps of a recent single-dining restaurant trend. A yakiniku ("grilled meat") shop where guests can cook and eat a meal in a single-person space opened in Chiyoda, Tokyo in April, and similar shabu-shabu (a type of hot pot) restaurant also exists.

Source: Fuji News Network via My Game News Flash

Image © 2011 Fuji News Network

Update: FNN streamed its video coverage of the karaoke box.

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