Megpoid Colorist, A Channel Manga Creator Draw on Wacom

posted on by Egan Loo
Manufacturer posts time-lapse videos of Ameiro, bb Kuroda using Cintiq tablet

Wacom, a maker of computer drawing tablets and screens, posted the above videos of professional artists using its Cintiq 24HD pen tablet. Tuesday's new video features Ameiro, the colorist for the Megpoid Vocaloid character voiced by Megumi Nakajima and designed by Masami Yuuki. Last month's video showcases a drawing by bb Kuroda, the creator of the school comedy manga A-Channel.

Both videos are part of an ongoing series of such videos. Previous featured artists include Hidamari Sketch creator Ume Aoki, So-Ra-No-Wo-To designer Mel Kishida, Hatsune Miku designer Kei, Tonari no 801-chan creator Ajiko Kojima, Petit Eva - [email protected] character designer Ryusuke Hamamoto, and others.

Since the software package was released in 2009, Megpoid has been featured in songs and even a singing robot. Its developer is planning an Megpoid Extend update that is compatible with recently released Vocaloid3 software engine upgrade.

Kuroda's A Channel manga inspired a television anime this past spring, and Sentai Filmworks licensed it for North America.

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