Recochoku Poll: Most 'Amazing' Winter Anime

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Daily Lives of High School Boys, Nisemonogatari, Inu X Boku SS top poll

The Japanese mobile music website Recochoku posted the results of its survey on Wednesday on which winter anime voters thought was "amazing." These are the top five results from 925 votes by the self-selected respondents:

Rank Anime
1 Daily Lives of High School Boys
2 Nisemonogatari
3 Inu X Boku Secret Service
4 The Prince of Tennis II
5 Brave10

The survey was conducted among the users of Recochoku's portal site from January 11 to 24.

The Japanese Internet service provider BIGLOBE posted the results of a survey in December on which winter anime voters were the most interested in. Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Dai-Ni-Maku, Nisemonogatari, and Listen to Me Girls, I'm Your Father! topped that poll.

[Via Presepe]

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