Official K-ON! Ladies' Panties Unveiled

posted on by Egan Loo
Sandals, caps, bags, wallets also join last year's boxer briefs in lineup

The K-ON! anime franchise's website announced on Wednesday that the clothes retailer Avail will sell official K-ON! ladies' panties. Avail's 259 nationwide stores for casual wear and shoes already offered K-On! men's boxer briefs and socks, as well as ladies' sweats and socks, last year.

Avail is also adding K-ON men's and ladies' sandals, men's caps, messenger bags, wallets, and square pouches:

  1. K-On! Men's Boxer Briefs: 980 yen (about US$13), Sizes M/L
  2. K-On! Men's Room-Wear Set (sweat jacket and sweat pants): 2,880 yen (US$36), Sizes M/L
  3. K-On! Men's Socks: 380 yen (US$5), Sizes 25-27 cm (10-11 inches)
  4. K-On! Men's Sandals: 1,480 yen (US$19), Sizes M/L/LL
  5. K-On! Men's Caps: 1,880 yen (US$24)
  6. K-On! Messenger Bags: 2,880 yen (US$36)
  7. K-On! Wallets: 2,880 yen (US$36)
  8. K-On! Ladies' Room-Wear Set (sweat jacket and sweat pants): 1,880 yen (about US$25), Sizes M/L
  9. K-On! Ladies' Shorts (panties): 580 yen (US$7), Sizes M/L
  10. K-On! Ladies' Sandals: 1,480 yen (US$19), Sizes M/L/LL
  11. K-On! Ladies' Socks: 380 yen (US$5), Sizes 23-25 cm (9-10 inches)
  12. K-On! Square Pouches: 980 yen (US$13)

The K-On! film opened in over 130 theaters in Japan last December.

[Via Hachima Kikō]

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