Disgaea 3, Legasista, Mugen Souls Trailers Posted

posted on 2012-06-14 23:45 EDT by Kimberly Grace
Legasista to be released this summer; Mugen Souls to be released this fall

NIS America began streaming three trailers for their releases of the PlayStation Vita role-playing game Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention, and the PlayStation 3 survival-strategy role-playing games Legasista and Mugen Souls. The trailers for Disgaea and Legasista introduce viewers to the games' playable characters and provide an overview of the plot, while the trailer for Mugen Souls only shows gameplay footage.

IGN posted a trailer for Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention in January. The third game of the series follows Mao, an underachieving student, as he attempts to become an Overlord, a position he must earn by becoming a hero. The trailer includes a look at gameplay, as well as downloadable content from the first two Disgaea games. As the latest trailer states, the game was released in North America in April 2012.

Legasista is expected to arrive this summer. The game was previewed by Anime News Network's X-Button column in April. Writer Todd Ciolek described the game as follows:

A dungeon hack with a simple visual style, the game takes after ClaDun in the gameplay department, allowing all sorts of skill development and customized characters. It's a dungeon hack through and through, as players form parties of three characters and explore an ancient edifice called the Ivy Tower. That's where adventurous kid Alto Straiter goes in search of a way to lift the curse on his sister, who's somehow become a decorative crystal. In his dungeon dive, Alto joins up with Melize, a living weapon crafted by some ancient technology. The two of them also encounter an android, a dragon-girl, a preposterously buxom witch, her sentient-weapon sidekick, and a thief called “Volks Zaid.”

The official website for the Attōteki Yūgi Mugen Souls role-playing game from Compile Heart (Idea Factory) began streaming an "overwhelming battle" promotional video in February. The game features voice actresses Yukari Tamura as Shushu, Saori Hayami as Altis, and Hiromi Hirata as Ryūto. The limited edition of the game was released in March in Japan and bundled two Nendoroid Petit figures and a DVD, retailing for 9,429 yen (about US$124). The regular edition retailed for 7,329 yen (about US$96). Mugen Souls is slated to be released this fall in North America.

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