Full 'Love Like Aliens' CG-Animated Short Film Streamed

posted on 2012-08-09 15:30 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Rashad Haughton, Studio 4°C, Shirogumi's short inspired by Hajime Sorayama's "Gynoids"

The Wonderstanding studio began streaming the full six-minute CG-animated short film "Love Like Aliens" on Tuesday. Rashad Haughton's film was inspired by the female android "Gynoid" illustrations of Hajime Sorayama (The Humanoid).

Haughton, an American filmmaker and music industry veteran, collaborated with Japan's Studio 4°C and Shirogumi on the project. Tomohiro Ishioka produced the film, and Tatsuyuki Tanaka (Batman: Gotham Knight, Genius Party's "Tojin Kit") served as art director. The CG animation was created "by eye," using filmed sequences with live actors as reference models.

The film won the Special Jury Prize award at the Asian Film Festival of Dallas in July.

The short film's synopsis is as follows:

In a future not too far from now, humanity has advanced to a point where the line between Homo Sapiens and Androids have blurred completely. This has occurred so that the species could survive. Technology has allowed humans to travel into deep space to colonize other planets and galaxies deep in the universe because Earth has become uninhabitable. One of the many unfortunate results of this robotic Darwinism is that human behavior and consciousness has also changed over the years. Much of what makes one human -- love, family, intimacy etc., have all become things of the past. Almost legend...

Source: Twitch

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