Hello Kitty to Issho! 3DS Video Accentuates the Cute

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Okama, POP, Keito Koume, Bikini, Circle Hitori, Zeco, CHuN, Kouhaku Kuroboshi, Teruhiko Imaizumi, Shimeko bishōjo designs highlighted

The official website for Hello Kitty to Issho! Block Crash Z 3DS game streamed its first promotional video on Thursday. The video highlights the Hello Kitty-inspired bishōjo characters designs by Bikini, Circle Hitori, Okama (Himawari!), POP (Moetan), Zeco, CHuN (Kōtei no Hanayome), Kouhaku Kuroboshi (Kino's Journey), Teruhiko Imaizumi, Shimeko, Keito Koume (Spice & Wolf), Chinatsu Kurahana (Uta no Prince-sama), Eeji Komatsu (Maburaho), and many other popular illustrators.

The game is the third in the Hello Kitty to Issho! Block Crash puzzle game series by Japanese game development company Dorasu. The previous games were released for PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita.

Hello Kitty to Issho! Block Crash Z goes on sale in Japan on October 11 for 4,200 yen (about US$54 USD).

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Update: More information added.

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