Saori Hayami, Kazuya Nakai Join Shining Ark RPG's Cast

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Sega's PSP "RPG that connects hearts" slated for February 28

Saori Hayami and Kazuya Nakai are joining the cast of Shining Ark, the latest role-playing game in Sega's Shining series. The Shining Ark "RPG that connects hearts" revolves around a young man named Fried (pronounced "freed") and a one-winged girl named Panis, voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya (Polar Bear's Café's Penguin, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei's Nozomu) and Houko Kuwashima (Slayers Try's Fillia, Shining Hearts -Shiawase no Pan-'s Kaguya) respectively.

Hayami will play the dual-gun-wielding sharpshooter Kirumaria. Unlike the others, she believes Panis to be the devil and pursues her. Nakai will play Adam, the dormant guardian deity slumbering in the holy island's ruins. He is awakened by the arrival of the angel to protect the villagers.

In the story, Fried, a resident of the island of Arcadia, finds a girl in danger and saves her. The girl named Panis then recovers thanks to his efforts, and his freshly-baked bread. Although Fried thought it would be very difficult to get the villagers to accept her, they eventually agree to let her in the village. Soon, Panis begins to show signs of mysterious powers: her singing voice can make plants grow and gather birds and fish around her. The villagers, seeing this, call her an "angel." However, there are those who come to the island who target the angel, and one day, on the night of the red moon, a large shadow appears to attack Panis.

The game will also star Mai Aizawa as Shannon, an elf who works at a bakery, and Tetsu Inada as the warrior Zynga.

The game will arrive on the PSP system on February 28, 2013. The UMD version will cost 6,279 yen (about US$78, tax included), while the download version will be 5,600 yen (US$70).

Source: Famitsu via Kazu, Hachima Kikō

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