New Year's Greetings — Anime Style (Part XVIII)

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For generations, people in Japan have celebrated New Year's Day by sending specially designed cards — nengajō — to each other. As part of the tradition, postal workers store all the nengajō that are mailed in the final weeks of the old year, and then deliver every single one on New Year's Day. Many nengajō mark the Chinese Zodiac by depicting the animal of the year. (In 2013, that animal is the snake.) Here are some New Year's greetings from the folks that will be bringing you anime, manga, and games in the new year.

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Banri Hidaka (V.B. Rose, Tenshi 1/2 Hōteishiki)

Thanks to Lys for the news tip.

Yuhki Kamatani (Nabari no Ou)

Thanks to Hymeko for the news tip.

Yuka Nakajima (Original Character Designer for Listen to Me Girls, I'm Your Father!)

Note: The website for the original image may not be safe for work.
Thanks to Andrew Holmes for the news tip.

Shin Takahashi (Saikano)

”On the snowy street, spring will come once more."

Jun Tsukasa

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Michiro Ueyama (Tsumanuda Fight Town, ZOIDS)

Note: The website for the original image may not be safe for work.

Yoshitaka Ushiki (Dream Eater Merry)

Snake: "Snake"
"Please continue to support my work in the new year."

Vividred Operation

"Happy New Year! Now there are 10 days left until the broadcast starts! In commemoration of the new year, we present an previously-unpublished screenshot! Please continue to support us this year too!"


There are many more anime/manga/game nengajō out there, so if you know of one we've missed, feel free to let us know in our forums or by email (newsroom at Akemashite Omedetō Gozaimasu!

(Here are 2012's greetings, 2011's greetings, 2010's greetings, 2009's greetings and 2008's greetings!)

Fruits Basket image © 2004 Natsuki Takaya/HAKUSENSHA • TV TOKYO • NAS • Fruba Project. Licensed by FUNimation® Productions, Ltd.

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