One Piece Anime Inspires Chopper Tofu Treat

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Reindeer head-shaped tofu comes with sweet kuromitsu & kinako topping

The Japanese tofu product maker Otokomae Tofu announced on Friday that it will release "Chopper Tofu" on January 20. The One Piece manga and anime franchise character Chopper, a reindeer who loves sweets, inspired the tofu treat.

Each 200-gram (about 7.05-ounce) block of tofu will feature an original molded image of Chopper. The package will include kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup) and kinako (toasted soybean flour) as topping. The product will ship in supermarkets across Japan, except in Hokkaido, and cost 198 yen (about US$2).

Otokomae Tofu said it wanted to create a product that even people who don't have chances to eat tofu every day can enjoy. The tofu maker stated "Chopper Tofu" is a new way to eat sweets that appeals to both One Piece fans and sweets lovers.

In March 2012, Sagamiya Foods began selling a similar tofu treat shaped like the head of the Zaku, the enemy grunt mobile suit from the classic robot anime Mobile Suit Gundam.

Source: ITmedia

Images © Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha・Fuji TV・Toei Animation

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