2nd Accel World Game's 3rd, 4th Web Exclusive Videos Posted

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Takumu Mayuzumi teaches gamers how to play in 2 web videos

Namco Bandai Games is currently streaming two more web-exclusive promotional videos for the Accel World: Kasoku no Chōten (Accel World: The Peak of Acceleration) video game. In both videos, Takumu Mayuzumi (voiced by Shintarō Asanuma) takes over for Ash Roller (Kenichi Suzumura), who had narrated the previous two instructional videos.

Players can adjust and balance their fighting capabilities on four attributes (accuracy, defense, offense, and evasion). The Spirit system acts like the standard health bar in other games. Finally, characters band together to form Legions to control territory.

A bonus hot spring anime Blu-ray Disc will ship with the limited-edition PlayStation 3 version of Kasoku no Chōten, while the anime will be on a DVD in the limited edition PlayStation Portable version of the game. Bandai Namco Games will include a special booklet in both versions when they ship on January 31 for 7,330 yen (about US$91) and 6,280 yen (US$78), respectively.

Reki Kawahara, the author of the original light novel series that inspired the recent television anime, is serving as the chief supervisor of the Kasoku no Chōten game's scenario. The player assumes the role of the protagonist Haruyuki as he enjoys school life and undergoes Duels in the virtual "Accel World" immediately after the events in the television anime.

The first Accel World game, Accel World: Ginyoku no Kakusei, also shipped on September 13 in a dual game/anime release format. Viz Media streamed the television anime in North America as it aired in Japan.

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