NHK's Domo-kun Mascot Gets His Own iOS Game

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
Domo the Journey heads to iPhone next month

Domo-kun, the mascot for the Japanese public broadcaster NHK, is getting his own iOS video game from Horse Feathers Media and Playlithium.

The game is described as:

Players take on the role of Domo as they race through five different zones and over 25 levels to rescue Tashanna who has been kidnapped by the terrible Hungry Bear. Dashing through the forest, dodging deadly saws, riding underground mine carts and traversing freezing alps, the game will take Domo through rich visual landscapes and vivid animation while dodging lively characters that stand in your way.

Gamers collect baseballs along with various power ups to aid Domo on his epic journey. Watching as Domo rocks out with a guitar and whips out his trusty camera for a paparazzi frenzy sure to frighten any enemies in his way. Hours of fun and impossible to put down, this family friendly game is suitable for all Domo fans alike.

Domo's Journey is scheduled for release for iOS devices early next month. The official website is streaming a teaser trailer for the game as well.

[Via Kotaku]

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