God Eater 2 Game Videos Show New Charge Spear in Action

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PS VIta/PSP game also previewed in full version of Tokyo Game Show promo

On Saturday, Namco Bandai Games began streaming the full version of the promotional video for its God Eater 2 game that it presented at Tokyo Game Show 2012:

Namco Bandai is also streaming two videos to demonstrate the new Charge Spear in action:

Namco Bandai had announced the game for the PSP in 2011, and then announced it will release the game on the PS Vita as well, although it delayed the game until this year. The game will feature cross-compatible functionality in the multiplayer mode between PSP and PS Vita versions. The game will also allow save data to be transferred between both versions.

The anime studio ufotable (The Garden of Sinners, Manabi Straight!) is producing the opening animation for the game. Takayuki Hirao, who directed the fifth episode of The Garden of Sinners, is helming the animation project. Singer yu-yu is contributing the the theme song for the upcoming game.

God Eater 2 will be first full sequel to the original 2010 game that sold more than 600,000 copies. (The God Eater Burst update shipped in October 2010 and brought the franchise sales total to more than 1.1 million.) D3 Publisher released God Eater Burst in English on the PSP in March 2011.

The story of God Eater 2 is set in 2074, three years after the events of the original game. The world is still threatened by the mysterious living entities known as "Aragami." The sequel's protagonist is a "next-generation God Eater" fighting against the Aragami; he (or she, depending on the character creation process) is a member of the Fenrir organization's special forces unit Blood (Buraddo) who just arrived in the Far East sector. A mysterious red rain has begun fall in this area filled with more ferocious forms of Aragami and humans suffering from an incurable ailment.

In addition to the charge spear, the sequel will feature new weapons such as the boost hammer, as well as new Aragami such as the Marduk.

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