Capcom Producer: Resident Evil Reboot Is Possible

posted on 2013-02-02 23:30 EST by Lynzee Loveridge
Masachika Kawata: Focusing even more on horror & fear in franchise's future

In an interview about the upcoming Resident Evil: Revelations port for consoles and PCs, producer Masachika Kawata said that the Resident Evil horror franchise might receive a reboot to accommodate an "open-world" approach.

"If we did [go with an open-world], we would want to preserve what Resident Evil is and what makes it appealing to fans, while also making it accessible to new players," Kawata stated. "It would almost entail having a slight reboot to get the series into a place where it would work with open-world gameplay. That's just a personal opinion. A lot of decisions would have to be taken before something like that is done to the series, but it is something that...there is a possibility."

However, the wait for an "open-world" Resident Evil game is still far into the future.

"If anyone is waiting for an open-world Resident Evil, I think it will certainly be quite a while," Kawata said.

He explained that after Resident Evil: Revelations is released on consoles, Capcom will look at the title's feedback from fans and critics before deciding how to move forward with the franchise.

"Moving forward I can see us focusing even more on the horror aspect and fear in the series, and see us making something scarier than we have already," Kawata said. The series has continued to add more action to its formula with later releases, a fact Kawata said was to stay relevant in Western markets.

Biohazard/Resident Evil: Revelations will arrive on the PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360, and PC platforms in North America on May 21. It will then ship in Japan on May 23, and in Europe on May 24.

Sources: IGN, via Choke Point, Hachima Kikou (Link 2), Game*Spark

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