Disgaea Dimension 2's 2nd Promo Video Posted

posted on 2013-02-21 16:45 EST by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Kaori Mizuhashi narrates latest video as Laharl for PS3 sequel of 1st game

Game developer Nippon Ichi Software began streaming the second full promotional video on Wednesday for the Disgaea Dimension 2 PlayStation 3 sequel game. The new story of Disgaea takes place 10 years after the events of the previous game. Kaori Mizuhashi narrates the video as the character Laharl, Overlord of the Netherworld.

The sequel marks the 20th anniversary of Nippon Ichi Software and the 10th anniversary of Disgaea itself. The video highlights the following returning characters: Overlord's vassal Etna (Tomoe Hanba) and Fallen Angel Flonne (Yuko Sasamoto). Kaori Ishihara joins the cast as Sicily, who is described as "the Overlord's younger sister?" by the game. Rounding out the cast is Minori Chihara as the demon Barbara and Daisuke Hirakawa as the mysterious demon Zenolith. Chihara is also performing the opening theme song "Cradle Over."

The official website previously revealed some story details. Although Laharl has officially become Overlord of the Netherworld, no one except a few demons and higher angels in Heaven accept him as the Overlord (or realize his new position). In order to prove himself, he creates the new goal of ruling all demons with an iron fist.

The PlayStation 3 game will ship in Japan on March 20. A Limited Edition set will include two Niitengo Etna and Flonne figures, a deluxe hardcover design collection book, and a 2-CD original soundtrack scored by Tenpei Sato (composer for previous Disgaea games). The bonus for preordering the game is a code for the PLAYSTATION Network store to download the Legacy alternate outfit for the characters. The outfits puts them in their original costumes (although it does not return Flonne to trainee angel form).

The first Disgaea video game was released in Japan in 2003, and was released in North America by Atlus USA later that year. NISA took over distribution of the games in North America starting with the second game, which was released in Japan in 2006.

Geneon Entertainment released the anime adaptation of the first game in 2006, and the license was recovered by Funimation when Geneon Entertainment ceased in-house North American distribution. Broccoli Books licensed the Disgaea manga, and released two volumes of the four Disgaea 2 manga until it also closed its doors. Udon Entertainment will start releasing Shin Sasaki's Disgaea 3: School of Devils manga in May.

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