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Otakon 2006
Broccoli USA

by Christopher Macdonald,
Representative: Chris Macdougall

Macdougal spoke about Broccoli USA's four divisions, Anime Gamers! (retail store, lovated in Los Angeles and online store), Broccoli Gear Merchandising Division), Broccoli Books (Manga) and Synch-Point (Anime DVDs).

Broccoli Gear produces merchandise not only for Broccoli titles, but also for other companies like Funimation and Geneon. For example they have released products for Fullmetal Alchemist, Trigun and Tenjho Tenge. They also have T-Shirts for many of their properties such as FLCL and Di Gi Charat. For Disgaea they will also be releasing a Prenny Please hat. Other products they make include calendars, clear posters, glassware (mugs & shotglasses), stationary (clear files, notepads, etc…), FLCL Dolls, accessories (cell phone straps, keychains, etc…), plushies, models, posters and other merchandise. Broccoli Gear does not manufacture its own products, it teams up with established companies such as Takara (Dolls) and Great Eastern (Plushies).

The 2007 Juvenile Orion calendar will include art by artists like Peach Pitt and Koge Donbo.

For Broccoli Books Macdougal spoke very briefly about many Broccoli Books manga series, such as Di Gi Charat Theater, Dejiko's Adventures, and Leave it to Piyoko! (volume 2 will be out later this year or in early 2007), Galaxy Angel, Galaxy Angel Beta and Galaxy Angel Party, Juvenile Orion, Until the Full Moon, Kamui, Disgaea.

For Disgaea they will be releasing both the manga (later this month) and the Character Collection (tentatively scheduled for December). Koge Donbo's latest manga, Yoki Koto Kiku, about 3 triplets who compete for the inheritance from their granfather's fortune is available now at Border's Group stores and will be available in general retail in 3months. They will be releasing Koge Donbo's next manga, Kon Kon Kokon, next year.

E's, pronounced “S” is the basis for the E’s Otherwise anime (released by ADV). A story about ostracized espers, Broccoli Books will release E's starting in January 2007. The series is 13 volumes and ongoing in Japan.

Broccoli Book's new Announcement for Otakon, Disgaea 2 the manga, based on the Disgaea 2 video game. The manga will be released next year.

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