Shunkan! Research Poll: 42% of Respondents Say They Are Otaku

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
62.0% of teen respondents self-identified as otaku of some field of interest

A poll hosted by Shunkan! Research asked 137,734 respondents whether they identified as otaku or not. Shunkan! Research did not specify how the respondents were selected.

From the results, 42.2% of the respondents considered themselves otaku while 57.8% did not. 45.7% of males thought of themselves as otaku, compared to 38.1% of females. When broken down by age group, 62.0% of teen respondents identified as otaku, with respondents in their twenties coming in second at 55.6%.

Question: Do you think of yourself as an otaku of any field of interest?

Rank Answer Votes
1 No 42.2%
2 Yes 57.8%

Percentage That Identified as Otaku, by Gender

Rank Gender Votes
1 Male 45.7%
2 Female 38.1%

Percentage That Identified as Otaku, by Age Group

Rank Age Group Votes
1 Teen 62.0%
2 20s 55.6%
3 30s 46.4%
4 40s 44.8%
5 50s 36.7%
6 60s 26.9%
7 70s 23.1%
8 80s 23.3%

Source: MyNavi

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