MangaGamer Licenses Cartagra, Kara no Shōjo 2

posted on by Egan Loo
Also: Ruby Striker, Warrior Princess Asuka, Armored Warrior Iris, Valkyrie Svia, Space Pirate Sara, Free Friends 1 & 2, voiced Kara no Shōjo

The game localizer MangaGamer announced at its Anime Expo panel on Thursday that it licensed the adult games Cartagra and Kara no Shōjo 2 from Innocent Grey. It will also re-release the first Kara no Shōjo game on disk with voices, as well as Free Friend 1 and 2 from Innocent Grey's sub-brand Noesis.

MangaGamer's other announced licenses include Ruby Striker (Hentai Industries), Warrior Princess Asuka (Hentai Industries), Armored Warrior Iris (Sōkō Kijo Iris, Lilith), Valkyrie Svia (Ikusa Otome Suvia, Lilith), and Space Pirate Sara, Lilith).

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