Tales of Symphonia Collaborates With Gothic Clothing Brand Putumayo

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Zelos, Lloyd, Colette, Marta outfits included in new clothing line, along with Cruxis angel wing accessories

The October issue of Ascii Media Works' Viva Tales Magazine revealed the designs that will be used in the upcoming Tales of Symphonia clothing line. The line is a collaboration between the Tales of Symphonia game by Namco Bandai Games, and the Shinjuku Marui One department store. Gothic fashion brand Putumayo will produce clothing for both women and men, as well as accessories.

Lloyd Irving

Zelos Wilder

Emil Castinger

Richter Abend


Colette Brunel

Marta Lualdi

Marui One will also offer various accessories themed after the Tales of Symphonia series:

The Emil Motif Bracelet will be produced by Animix Style.

The Angel Charm will be produced by Lolii, and is used as an earring.

The Angel's Feather Ring and Angel's Feather Bag Chain will be produced by Angel Pretty.

Artemiskings will be producing silver Emil Pendants and Lloyd Bracelet Charms.

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