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20 Unique Attack on Titan Products to Keep Fans Going

posted on by Bamboo Dong

Attack on Titan isn't on the air right now, but there's no reason fans can't find other ways to keep the love going. Last month, Attack on Titan manga creator Hajime Isayama revealed that he planned on ending the manga after 20 volumes. To celebrate that announcement, and to fill the titan-sized hole in our hearts, we've compiled a list of 20 cool, strange, or outrageous Attack on Titan things you can buy.

1. Attack on Titan roll cakes

2. Attack on Titan Survey Corps scrunchie

3. Colossal Titan Ferrari!

Okay, maybe this is out of financial reach for most people. And true, it was a promo item, so you'd have to pull some strings to get it into your garage. But at least you can buy the titan mask.

4. Ultra violent Attack on Titan capsule figures

5. Creepy Abnormal Titan wall sticker

They also come in Colossal Titan, Levi cleaning his house, the Training Corps, and the Survey Corps.

6. Colossal Titan tea strainer + mug

7. Titan Nendoroid playset

8. Attack on Titan perfume

9. Attack on Titan Levi-print pantyhose

It also comes in an Eren version.

10. Attack on Titan character emory boards

Why not?

11. Attack on Titan leather bracelets

Actually, these are kind of cool.

12. The best Colossal Titan t-shirt ever

13. Attack on Titan masking tape

14. Attack on Titan dinnerware

15. Attack on Titan tights

16. Attack on Titan jerky

17. Sexy Levi body pillow

And Sexy Eren.

18. Attack on Titan curry

19. Adorable survey corps teddy bear that will probably get eaten by a titan

20. This amazing evolution t-shirt

Do you have any favorite Attack on Titan products that didn't get featured? Let us know in the forums!

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