Akira Ishida Voices 46 Characters in New Smartphone Game Chain Chronicle

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Sega releases three new commercials for ambitious mobile RPG

Akira Ishida has played an impressive list of roles in his 23-year career, ranging from Kaworu Nagisa in Neon Genesis Evangelion to Manabu Kuchiki in Genshiken. With Sega Networks' new smartphone RPG, Chain Chronicle, he's added 46 new roles to his resume in one swoop.

That's right, he plays 46 characters in this game, which was released on July 26 for Android and on August 1 for iPhones. The game has over 200 characters total, and boasts of its story's overwhelming depth. In order to defeat the menacing Black Army, you must recruit these characters into your heroic army. The game's name derives from the interlocking relationships among this vast cast.

Other notable voice actors involved include Ayane Sakura (Dream Eater Merry, Natsumi in Non Non Biyori), Maaya Uchida (Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger, Hajime in Gatchaman Crowds), and Kotori Koiwai (Utsu-tsu in Gatchaman Crowds, Renge in Non Non Biyori). Renowned illustrators like toi8 (MAOYU, No. 6), Arco Wada (Fate/EXTRA) and Haccan (Fire Emblem Awakening, Zangeki no Reginleiv) help them bring the characters to life.

Chain Chronicle has proven popular so far, racking up over a million downloads.

This commercial, voiced by Ishida, begins with an "important announcement" (styled after those in train stations), which turns out to be "HAVE YOU PLAYED CHAIN CHRONICLE!?" He then goes on to detail the game's various features, such as its intricate story, characters full of personality, and easy-to-grasp battles.

This commercial profiles the voice actors (including Ishida himself) and illustrators that help distinguish this game above its smartphone competitors.

To get a feel for Ishida's range, watch this video, where he plays 7 different characters - a college student, his younger brother, teenage sister, parents and grandparents, who are calling him to pester him about coming home for the New Year's holidays.

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