"Fuchico on the Cup" Accessories For Your Ears Make Noise-Blocking Extra Adorable

posted on by Bamboo Dong
Get a good night's sleep with these special earplugs.

Toy company Kitan Club is known for their cute line-up of "Puchico on the Cup" accessories—mini-figures designed to hang out on the brim of your water glass or tea cup (they even made Madoka Magica ones), but they're no one-trick pony. Their follow-up capsule toy series, "The Sleep Twins An & Min," are designed to be worn as earplugs.

In collaboration with Tanaka Katsuki, these figure-bedecked earplugs feature the twins, An and Min, sweet office ladies who just want you to get a good night's sleep. There are six to choose from, and each will be stocked in capsule figure vending machines for ¥300 each.

[Via Yattar Japan]

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