Attack on Titan Horse-Racing Promo Video Names Poll Winner

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Hannes wins poll to "compete" in Arima Kinen race, but results are not binding

The Japan Racing Association (JRA) streamed a new promotional video for its collaboration with the Attack on Titan anime on Saturday. The video reuses footage from the first episode of the television series:

The "Shingeki no Arima Kinen" video promotes the 58th Arima Kinen race on December 22. It also celebrates the Hannes character as the winner of the poll for who should be in the tie-in "Shingeki no Arima Kinen" race. In the video, Hannes admits to being too scared to participate in the race despite winning the popularity poll after Eren confronts him.

  • 5th Place Eren - 83,793,401 votes
  • 11th Place Mikasa - 50,668,992 votes
  • 10th Place Armin - 50,953,467 votes
  • 12th Place Jean - 46,958,998 votes
  • 8th Place Reiner - 65,659,729 votes
  • 20th Place Levi - 26,630,417 votes
  • 6th Place Hanji - 71,684,520 votes
  • 19th Place Erwin - 42,811,555 votes
  • 15th Place Annie - 43,796,578 votes
  • 9th Place Bertholt - 61,167,890 votes
  • 16th Place Marco - 43,644,942 votes
  • 18th Place Conny - 43,572,079 votes
  • 2nd Place Oluo - 483,808,036 votes
  • 13th Place Petra - 44,059,449 votes
  • 3rd Place Mike - 235,218,564 votes
  • 1st Place Hannes - 6,745,781,070 votes
  • 4th Place Ric - 105,446,222 votes

JRA cautions that the poll's results are not binding and that the race's "competitors" were not decided by the poll. Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, and Levi will "compete."

Source: NT Lab via Nicotube Anime

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