Even Magical Warfare's Original Creator Didn't Think the Anime was a Good Idea

posted on by Eric Stimson
"I feel like I've been jabbed with a bamboo sword"

Hisashi Suzuki, the original writer of the Magical Warfare light novel series, recently participated in an interview with Shinbashi, an editor at MF Bunko J, the Media Factory label that publishes Magical Warfare. As the anime adaptation of Magical Warfare has recently premiered, the questions center around it, and Suzuki's answers were unusually candid.

When asked how he felt, Suzuki replied, "Like I've been jabbed with a bamboo sword." When asked how he felt when he heard his work was being animated, he said it was complicated. "In general I'm not that interested in mixed media, to be honest. I said, 'I think there are other good works. Don't do it.'" He feels that the anime is fairly interesting, though, and is surprised at how much they have been able to do with the material. Suzuki also revealed that the project started when Shinbashi encouraged him to write about magical girls. Suzuki agreed, but took the story in a different direction by making them anti-social.

As for his favorite characters, Suzuki chooses Mui ("she's just easy to write") and Gekkō ("he lives so honestly that I'm jealous of him"). He concluded the interview by promising a happy ending "since it's a magical girl story."

Shinbashi notes that he answered "disinterestedly."

[Via Yaraon!; Image from Muryou Anime Sokuhou]

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