America, Get Ready for Cat Cafes

posted on 2014-02-05 15:00 EST by Bamboo Dong

After years of envying Japan's cat cafes, owl cafes, bunny cafes, and everything else cute, American animal lovers can finally visit a cat cafe.

Two cat cafes are opening in the San Francisco Bay Area sometime this year, although both are still scouting for locations.

San Francisco's KitTea will be a foster home for adoptable cats, which will come from two local shelters. The founders hope to create a relaxing atmosphere that will not only be stress-free for cafe visitors, but also to the cats it hopes to shelter.

Likewise, Cat Town Cafe in Oakland will also focus on adoptions, but welcomes guests who just want to come in for a free nuzzle. The cafe is affiliated with Oakland's Cat Town shelter, and is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign to help raise funds.

[Via Huffington Post; image from DeviantArt, Cat Town]

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