Mini Sword Art Online & Tales of Destiny Swords Offered for Sale

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Die-cast metal recreations of Lambent Light, Swordian Dymlos & Chaltier

MOVIC isn't just making wands from Cardcaptor Sakura for its new Eternal Masterpiece line — it's also recreating the swords from Sword Art Online and Tales of Destiny:

Lambent Light (Sword Art Online)

Stahn Aileron's Swordian Dymlos (Tales of Destiny)

Leon Magnus's Swordian Chaltier (Tales of Destiny)

A word of warning: all of these die-cast zinc swords are only about 15 centimeters (6 inches) long — "bigger than a letter opener." Asuna's mini Lambent Light will ship in late April for 4,104 yen (about US$41), while the Swordians will go for 3,780 yen (US$37) sometime in the future.

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