Phoenix Wright Puts 'Fake Deaf' Composer on the Stand

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Public response to composer Mamoru Samuragochi admitting his music was ghostwritten, and the real composer Takashi Niigaki stating that Samuragochi isn't really deaf, has been far from sympathetic. In the aftermath, a niconico user "void" decided to put Samuragochi on trial — Phoenix Wright style.

The video is the "first half" of Samuragochi's "trial." The composer has already been "punished" by his record label Nippon Columbia, who has stopped selling his CDs. Tokyo Hustle Copy cancelled the latest release of his sheet music, and Samon Promotion cancelled his upcoming performances and refunded ticket buyers.

Samuragochi's credits include Biohazard Symphony Op. 91 "Crime and Punishment" in the Dual Shock version of Resident Evil, the symphonic suite "Rising Sun" in Onimusha, and the commemorative piece "Hiroshima Symphony." He allegedly lost his hearing at the age of 35 and was dubbed a "modern Beethoven."

Samuragochi held a press conference on Friday where he insisted that he is deaf and he will sue Niigaki for defamation. Samuragochi claims to have paid Niigaki at least three million yen (~US$30,000) for a single score. Niigaki said he was paid approximately seven million yen (~US$70,000) over the past 18 years.

Samuragochi appeared at the conference with a sign language interpreter. The city of Yokohama asked 50-year-old Samuragochi to undergo a medical examination on his hearing which found the level of his deafness did not warrant disability.

“My hearing recovered to the level where I sometimes could hear (what people were saying) about three years ago,” he said. He claims to still have impairment that causes some sound distortion.

Source: The Japan Times

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