Weird Attack on Titan x Puccho Snack Collaboration Gets Stretchy

posted on 2014-03-15 05:45 EDT
10 lucky subscribers will win a giant edible Puccho "Chojin"

The snack and candy company UHA Mikakutō Co. Ltd has launched what is possibly the most bizarre Attack on Titan collaboration yet. The "Attack on Chojin" campaign features a collaboration between Hajime Isayama's popular action series and UHA's Puccho gummy snack products, complete with a TV ad featuring the colossal titan trying to chow down on a colossal Puccho.

The campaign runs from March 3 through May 30. Ten winners will receive a ??-cm giant edible Puccho "Chojin." One hundred others will win Attack on Titan original goods.

To enter, those interested must purchase three Puccho gummy products (either the stick type, the bag type, or the ball type in bags or boxes), and then go to a special website and enter in the serial numbers from the packages, along with other information.

Those interested can also download a special "Attack on Chojin" wallpaper for computers and smartphones at the campaign's promotional website.

So, what do you think? Is this collaboration weirder than the Subaru Forrester campaign?

Images © Hajime Isayama ・ Kodansha / Attack on Titan Production Committee

[Via Hachima Kikō]

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