Chomp Into a Slime From Dragon Quest

posted on by Eric Stimson
Not to worry, they're made of marshmallow

Morinaga, a Japanese sweets manufacturer, has a line of confections called "Angel Pies" — slabs of marshmallows coated in chocolate. These pies have delighted children all over Japan in one form or another since 1958. And now, they're about to get slimy!

Don't worry, the texture and taste won't be affected: it's their outward appearance that will change. Capitalizing on a vague resemblance to Slimes, the googly-eyed blobs that have presented a pitiful menace to players of the Dragon Quest series since its first installment in 1986, Morinaga is redoing the pies to give them that familiar googly-eyed dollop look.

There will even be multiple colors such as in the games.

The collaboration is officially with the latest installment in the series, Dragon Quest X. Its producer, Yōsuke Saitō, writes that Angel Pies are "a candy I've loved since I was a kid!"

White Day-themed artwork depicting Dragon Quest X characters sampling the pies

[Via, Square Enix and Morinaga]

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