Doujin Circle Promotes Creature-Loving Otome Game with New Video

posted on by Eric Stimson
Choose between blue tentacle monster and pink bug

Last year, the doujin circle nostalgia released an unusual dating sim: Creature-to Koi Shiyo! ~ Koko-no e Kokoro~, which features a cast of human-sized creatures and monsters of various types. Since then, clamor has emerged for a follow-up for the female market. After a short wait, nostalgia has obliged.

The sequel, Creature!-to Koi Shiyo! for Otome, retains a human protagonist, although now it's a she: Nanami Nanatsuki. You will have a choice between two guys, both of them monstrous: the blue, tentacled, dainty, multiple-eyed Kaito Nikaidō and a wild arthropod called Junya Jūmonji. Apparently it will be an "ordinary youth" with an "ordinary romance."

Once again the game will be fully-voiced except for Nanami. Nostalgia is also promising more choices, endings, and in-game artwork than its previous offering. Since nostalgia "doesn't have the technology for an app or anything," it will be available on the PC only. It will be free and available for download in August.

[Via Hachima Kikō; Image from Netlab]

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