Is the Order a Rabbit Introduces Ramen Tour of Japan

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

How far would you travel for a good bowl of ramen? How much do you love Is the order a rabbit? If your answered "very far" and "very much," prepare yourself for the ultimate anime noodle pilgrimage.

The girls of Rabbit House coffeeshop are teaming up with real ramen shops across Japan for a series of delicious moe dishes. Each restaurant will have an exclusive postcard with the character featured in the meal.

First let's head to Tokyo's Niwatorio Keisuke shop for the "Cocoa no Tsukemen Toma Niwatori Sayu" (Cocoa's Hot Tomato Chicken Tsukemin).

Next we head to Aichi's Nikusoba Naoji shop for the "Fuwa Toroji Rin" (Fluffy Torojirin) based on character Chiya Ujimatsu. The carrots cut into the dish resemble Chiya's rabbit Anko while the fluffy egg is reminiscent of her white apron.

Third on the list is Osaka's King-emon Dotonbori for Rize Tedeza's signature dish, "Kirameku Rize no Ever Purple" (Sparkling Rize's Ever Purple). There's a lot of interesting ingredients in this dish. The broth includes the shop's signature soy sauce and the character's namesake Te de Zarize flavored tea. Do you think the gun is edible too?

We're heading back to Tokyo now to the Jikaseimen Hōki Boshi shop to scratch Chino Kafū's dish of the list. The shop is serving "Nōkō Beef Demi ☆ Baisen Coffee Tsukemen" (Thick Beef Demi-glace Roasted Coffee Tsukemen). Are your courageous enough to mix beef and coffee?

If the hot dishes are too much for you, let's head out to Hokkaido for something a bit cooler. The Amitori Monogatari shop is serving up "Tsumetai Ramen Yuzugoshō Zoe" (Cold Ramen with a Side of Citron Pepper Paste) to honor Sharo Kirima. The dish appears simple and is flavored with fish.

The last stop is Fukuoka's Honda Shōten for ramen that looks right back at you. This shop is also featuring a dish inspired by Sharo. The "Sharo no Himitsu no Usagi Men" (Sharo's Secret Rabbit Noodles) looks like the character's face, only her eyes are made of eggs and her iconic headband is made of pork.

That marks the end of the ramen tour. Which dish do you think looked the tastiest? Don't forget your postcards!

Source: Comic Natalie

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