Love Live's Nico Blew Up Twitter With Birthday Tweets

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Akihabara also goes ga-ga

July 22 was Nico Yazawa's birthday (of Love Live! School idol project). Accordingly, Twitter in Japan erupted with birthday messages, to the extent that "Nico Yazawa" attained a prominent position in NHK's News Web's display of the day's trending tweets.

The other trending tweets were "legal drugs," "dangerous drugs," ”new name," "round fans," "end of break," "extra classes," "layer," "owner" and "high-five."

The celebrations were not confined to the Internet — Akihabara, Tokyo's electronics and anime culture district, was festooned with various messages and displays congratulating the twin-tailed charmer.

Animate appeared to have the largest celebration.

"7/22 - The world's Yazawa's explosive birth!!"

Nico asks if you're celebrating her birthday, while a box is provided for birthday messages.

She got a lot!

This display plays off of the preceding day (July 21), which is a Japanese holiday called "Marine Day." The Japanese word for ocean (umi) is also the name of another Love Live! character...

This big poster of Nico also welcomed shoppers to Asobit City.

Of course, displays of Nico-related merchandise made their appearance.

This was the display in GEE!Store Akiba. One of the signs also celebrates Nico's triumph in a recent poll of "picnic girls."

This was the display in Gamers!. A sign still counts down the number of days until Nico's birthday.

Toranoana set up this comparatively modest display.

The post-it notes on this display in Melon Books say "Everyooooone! An angel has landed on Melon!!"

Finally, here is the display board of well-wishes at Club Sega.

[Via Yaraon! and Akiba Blog]

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