Toei's Spider-Man, Leopardon Robot Join the Spider-Verse in Amazing Spider-Man #12

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Toei's robot-driving take on Spider-Man made his appearance in Marvel's on-going franchise cross-over arc in Amazing Spider-Man #12. He appeared fully equipped with his transformation bracelet and his transforming giant robot named Leopardon.

The lesser-known live-action special effects take on Marvel's superhero premiered in Japan in the late 70s and ran for over 40 episodes. The superhero takes on the evil Iron Cross Army as the alter-ego of Takuya Yamashiro. His powers and abilities are more in line with the likes of the Power Rangers and Kamen Rider than the Peter Parker Americans are familiar with.

Amazing Spider-Man editor Nick Lowe confirmed last year that Toei's rendition of Spider-man would make an appearance in Spider-Verse arc. It took almost a year, but Lowe made good on his promise. Here's a taste of the original show. streamed the series at one time, but unfortunately it isn't available anymore (the episodes are listed in the video section, but clicking on them yields an error).

[Via Hachima Kikou Comics Alliance]

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