Wake Up to the Soothing Tones of Is the order a rabbit's Chino

posted on by Eric Stimson
Start the day being called "stupid" by an anime girl

Gamegate has released an alarm clock app with the voice of Inori Minase in her role as Chino Kafū from Is the order a rabbit? Over 70 different voice samples are included, and you can choose up to three to play in different situations — weekly, daily, hourly, etc. Chino can also tell you the hour and let you snooze a few minutes more.

Examples of Chino's phrases include:

  • "Good morning."
  • "Breakfast is ready."
  • "I made coffee."
  • "I watched your sleeping face the whole time."
  • "You're stupid! I don't know you anymore!"
  • "You are going to school? Then I will not follow you."
  • "I must get ready..."

Gochiusa Alarm ~Chino Version~ is available here for Android 2.3 and above or iOS 7 and above. It costs 600 yen (or $5).

[Via moca; Image from Gamegate]

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