Ultraman Monsters Get Their Own Tourism TV Show

posted on by Eric Stimson
Three baddies to leisurely visit Japanese sights

It's finally time for the monsters of Ultraman to shine. Fuji TV recognized the popularity of the show's evil-doers among fans and greenlit Ultra Kaijū Sanpo (Ultra Monster Walk) to start at 12 AM on May 23 on Fuji TV One Sports/Variety. The show will run for 12 episodes to be aired monthly and stars the comedy trio Tokyo-03 as Alien Zarab (Satoshi Iizuka), Alien Mefilas (Akihiro Kakuta) and Dada (Akinaga Toyomoto).


And what will these nefarious monsters do? Well... amble around town and enjoy some sightseeing. They will visit interesting places, take leisurely strolls, check out the local stores, interact with the locals and deliver "gourmet reports" (food reviews). The first episode will feature the monsters' take on the attractions of Yokohama and Kamakura, major tourist destinations south of Tokyo. Future episodes will see the monsters visiting other parts of Japan.

At Shibamata Taishakuten Temple

The show is a spin-off of a TV special that aired last August. Tokyo Shitamachi Burari Sakusen ("Operation Wander Around Lower Tokyo") showed the monsters harmlessly strolling around Tokyo's historic lower town (Shitamachi), visiting the Shibamata Taishakuten Temple, trying on stylish hats, crossing the Edo River at Yagiri in an old ferryboat, and arguing over the proper way to eat soba noodles, as seen below. Presumably the TV series will feature similarly sinister escapades.

[Via Owarai Natalie and Kai-You]

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