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Let Freeza Handle Your Passive Aggression with Dragon Ball Z Sticky Notes

posted on by Eric Stimson
Latest Ichiban Kuji promotion

To celebrate the premiere of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F', Ichiban Kuji is holding a Dragon Ball Z-themed lottery. The prizes are 15 different sticky notes, most of which feature Freeza, the iconic supervillain who makes a comeback in the film, although Krilin, Vegita, Dende and Goku also make appearances. The notes come with stickers featuring various Dragon Ball Z characters, including many of Freeza's underlings.

The Ichiban Kuji website also features a series of webcomics to inspire young office workers on how to use the notes.

WOMEN: Ooo, Hideki, you're so coool!
HIDEKI: Oh, Mika, how's it going?
MIKA: You're getting along well. Here, take this lunch.
FREEZA: I need a word with you later. *smile*
HIDEKI: Uh... thanks...

YOSHIO: I'll work harder if I drink this!!
YOSHIO: All right! I can do it!
FREEZA: Looks like you've restored your energy! Keep at it!!
YOSHIO: Aw, boss....

Business objectives for 2015
YOSHIO: Nothing really changes year after year.
HIDEKI: That's what you said last year!
FREEZA: Your next proposal must be groundbreaking and revolutionary. I'll be expecting it!
YOSHIO: Crap... he overheard me...

JUNIOR OFFICE LADY: I didn't collect the surveys...
SENIOR OFFICE LADY: What if I posted a sticky note?
JUNIOR OFFICE LADY: That's so typical of you! Let's do it!
SENIOR OFFICE LADY: I'll take care of it.
FREEZA: The deadline for surveys is this weekend, AND THAT'S FINAL!!
They turned them in!!!!!

The "last one" prize is another Freeza sticky note, along with a sticker of him in his final form.

The lottery prizes come with a fortune. The fortune includes an ID number which lets you participate in a mobile phone lottery. The prizes for that are this figurine of Freeza or three exclusive Freeza voice clips.

The lottery costs 350 yen (about $3) to enter and is held at LAWSON convenience stores, movie theaters and Jump Shops. Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' is currently playing in Japanese theaters.

[Via Ichiban Kuji]

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