Madoka Magica Ichiban Kuji Lottery Focuses on Series' Witches

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Ichiban Kuji, a Japanese lottery that often gives out anime, manga, and video game-related merchandise, will hold an Madoka Magica edition in late September. The "Magiccraft" lottery looks to focus on the series' Witches and has combined the villains' motifs for new character outfits in a series of "visualize boards" (similar to posters). Madoka's outfit takes cues from Kyubey, Homura's from the Nutcracker witch, Mami and Nagisa from Charlotte, and Sayaka and Kyōko from Oktavia (although the print is from alternate timeline appearances).

The prizes include:

  • A. Hooded Towel (not shown)
  • B. Cushion (not shown)
  • C. Madoka Kaname Visualize Board
  • D. Homura Akemi Visualize Board
  • E. Mami Tomoe & Nagisa Momoe Visualize Board
  • F. Sayaka Miki Visualize Board
  • G. Kyōko Sakura VIsualize Board
  • H. Glass Bottle (not shown)
  • I. Pass Case (not shown)
  • J. Towel (not shown)
  • K. Rubber Strap (not shown)
  • "Last One" Prize: Alternate Hooded Towel

A "double chance" campaign is also planned.

[Via Yara-On!]

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