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Machamp Gym Reveals Amazing Anecdotes About Muscle-Bound Pokemon

posted on by Eric Stimson

If you've ever had a special attachment for the Machop family in Pokémon, a new website is here to answer a bunch of your questions. The Machamp Gym presents information about the Machop family's special powers, working abilities, and secrets you wouldn't get from your Pokedex. It portrays a Pokémon family that even Chuck Norris would shy away from messing with.

Your guides are "battle girl" Sayaka and "karate king" Osamu

Among the Machamp facts the Machamp Gym discloses are:

  • Machamp can deliver 1,000 punches in two seconds — enough to send a train flying
  • Machamp isn't very good at tasks requiring fine motor skills, or anything that could get its arms entangled
  • Machoke has enough power in one finger to lift a sumō wrestler
  • The belts Machoke and Machamp wear restrain their power. It's not sure what would happen if they took them off
  • Machop can throw 100 adults
  • Machamps are favored employees at bodybuilding gyms, moving companies, warehouses, and construction sites (although thorough players of the video games would already know this)
  • Machamps are also used as bodyguards or escorts
  • A chain of Machamp cafes based in Celadon City are staffed by Machamps, who will happily strike poses for their muscle-loving clientele
  • Machamps can also be hired to throw you in the air on your birthday or for passing tests
  • The Machop family have a rivalry with the Timburr family, who also staff construction sites but are less favored than Machamps because of the latter's superior physique
  • The Machop family also enjoy using the Geodude family as training equipment, although sometimes they get overeager and throw them around
  • Machoke and Machamp's pants aren't actually pants; they're just patterns
  • This is the difference between male and female Machamps (Sayaka seems to think it's obvious enough)
  • Girls especially appreciate Shiny Machamps because muscle look better tanned

Machamp fans can also look forward to Machamp minigames and Machamp manga to appear at the Machamp Gym soon.

[Via Kai-You and Kireteru! Kairiky Gym]

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