Dagashi Kashi Inspires Its Own Snack Collaboration

posted on 2016-01-25 14:15 EST by Eric Stimson
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It seems natural that a manga like Dagashi Kashi would get its own branded snacks. That's what its readers thought, anyway, and in the January 20 issue of Weekly Shonen Sunday, a collaboration was announced with two established noodle brands from the Oyatsu Company: Baby Star and Butamen.

Hotaru looks especially porcine because buta means pig.

Dagashi Kashi Butamen (above) will be available on February 22 and is flavored with mentai mayonnaise (mentai is salted, spicy pollock roe). Dagashi Kashi Baby Star Ramen (below) will be available on March 14 and will taste like Kokonotsu curry — sorry, coconut curry; despite its name, the product is a crispy noodle snack.

Butamen also made an appearance in this week's episode. The Oyatsu Company also collaborated with Dagashi Kashi for a special edition of this week's manga. Ayana Taketatsu, who voices Hotaru, claimed that she "loved Butamen and Baby Star Ramen as a kid" and was surprised to hear of the promotion. "It's original and cute for Hotaru Shidare to be the character on a Butamen package!"

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