Life-Size Godzilla Reminds Visitors To Manage Their Oral Hygiene

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Official Shinjuku tourism ambassador and rampaging monster Godzilla wants to remind visitors that taking care of their teeth is important for bodily health.

The Godzilla bust atop Kabuki-cho's TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku can be seen holding an equally giant cup with the word "Isodine" written on the side. Isodine is a brand of mouthwash being promoted by Mundipharma in collaboration with TOHO. The cup was added to the bust on April 4 and will stick around until April 10.

Evangelion director Hideaki Anno is the chief director and writer of TOHO's upcoming Godzilla Resurgance film, the first new Japanese one in the franchise in 12 years. Shinji Higuchi, the director of Japan Sinks, Nobō no Shiro, and the upcoming live-action Attack on Titan films, is directing the new film and serving as special effect director as well.

Allegedly leaked photos claim to show what the monster will look like in the new film. It will open in Japan on July 29.

Source: 47 News via Hachima Kikō, Image via Saga Shimbun

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