Hatsune Miku Shows Us How to Eat Pocky in Summertime

posted on by Eric Stimson
Also: how to play tunes with Pocky

Ezaki Glico's chocolatey snack Pocky may be familiar to Japanese kids and anime fans everywhere, but there's a "proper" way to eat it in the summertime: stick it in the freezer for a bit first. When it's frozen, the snack makes an audible snap when broken. Allow Hatsune Miku to demonstrate:

If you're the type who enjoys making music out of everyday objects, you might even try to recreate some common tunes by changing your mouth shape and how frequently you bite the Pocky. Just remember to swallow at some point! The Glico website also has Miku attempt a rendition of her hit "Senbonzakura," staff at Shimamura Instruments try Beethoven's "Ode to Joy," and a trumpeter and flutist from the Kyoto Philharmonic "play" "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." It also provides instructions for how to "play" tunes like "Mary Had a Little Lamb," the Westminster Chimes, and the tune played by mobile ramen vendors.

Glico has previously teamed up with Your Lie in April. It's also chosen a mascot similar to Miku for its Papico line of ice cream bottles (the first character shown in the article).

Sources: Glico and Character Daihyakka

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