Puzzle & Dragons Cheat App Designer Arrested

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A 21-year-old university student has landed himself an appointment with the Kanagawa Prefectural Police's cybercrime division for distributing a cheat application for the Puzzle & Dragons mobile game. Kanagawa police announced on Wednesday that they arrested third-year university student Yoshihiro Wakazono on suspicions of violating the Copyright Act for releasing his "Cheat Tools" app which alters the data within Puzzle & Dragons. Wakazono confessed to the crime, stating he wanted to show off his technical skills.

Cheat Tools makes characters within the game stronger. The app was popular, but police actually became aware of it after another arrest where a man was selling Cheat Tools on an auction website. Wakazono released multiple versions of the app, updating it each time Puzzle & Dragons creator GungHo Online Entertainment Inc would update to the game to stamp out cheaters.

GungHo Online Entertainment Inc stated that there's been an uptick in cheat applications that allow players to cruise through the game recently. The Cheat Tools app was downloaded 400,000 times since September 2013.

The Puzzle & Dragons mobile game is getting a spin-off Puzzle & Dragons X game in Japan next month as well as a tie-in anime series.

Source: The Mainichi Shimbun

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