Jude Law Stars in Newest Episode of Momotarō Pepsi Commercials

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The latest installment in the series of epic Momotarō Pepsi Strong commercials starring Shun Oguri (One Piece Film Gold, The Boy and the Beast, Densha Otoko, Gokusen) features Jude Law as Momotarō's long-time enemy, Oni.

The previous episodes of the commercial series, episodes 0-3, follow the famous fairy-tale hero Momotarō, who was born from a peach, as he battles a mighty ogre and meets legendary swordsman Musashi Miyamoto. They also give backstory for two of his three companions, the dog and the pheasant.

Episode 4, shown below, gives the backstory of Oni, Momotarō's enemy.

Long ago, there was an island in the east where Oni and the humans lived together. Oni was the strongest warrior on the island and was loved by the people. However, one day someone became jealous of his power and unleashed a rampaging beast against him. Oni risked his life to protect the people and was able to defeat it.

The people of the island became afraid of Oni's strength, so they imprisoned him in a cave. There, his anger and sadness at being betrayed by humanity flowed out from his body in the form of flames, which covered the island. The island then became known as the Island of the Demons and was feared by all.

Momotarō is shown confronting Oni in two forms throughout the course of the video.

All five of the commercials use the song "Same Ol'" by The Heavy. More installments in the series are likely on the way.

Pepsi has also opened a poll where those who buy participating Pepsi products can use a code to vote for either Oni or Momotarō. Prizes will be distributed randomly to those who vote. 500 winners will receive a "Pepsi Strong Frozen Tumbler," and another 500 will receive a Momotarō prepaid Quo card worth 1000 yen (about US $9.97).

The tale of Momotarō is very well-known in Japan and has frequently been referenced in anime. It was appropriated by the Japanese government during the World War II era for the 1942 propaganda film Momotaro's Sea Eagle and its sequel, Momotaro - Umi no Shinpei. It has also been featured in Doraemon: What Am I for Momotaro and Ranma ½: Nihao My Concubine.

Source: Pepsi, Suntory

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